Man lost their capability to lead his peoples to peace, shall we wait for the second coming of Christ?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Fun Platform.”

Majority of christian of the planet Earth, using biblical knowledge as their guideline, to live their precious life. Politician using his ego, his belief to say I know how to bring peace, prosperity, social justice, freedom of speech, and dare to convince them, yes I can do to bring about all those to his peoples, when he in the office. There are those who has failed, and only a few made his marks that are well regarded by his peoples, president Thomas Jefferson is one of a few example.

It has been a tradition like, we vote for those who is physically attractive, can deliver a good speech, having sense of humor, charismatic, and can look straight into his audience eyes, stood ten feet tall, and yes with confident ( yes I can do all all that, just vote for me, and I will change all annoyances, and worst for this nation, and all the people that I am by them, for them,with them, so help me god. ( The crowd has nothing, but felt so motivated from his present, and cheer, applause, looking up to this candidate with such high hope, and dream ). are all the nicest words, beautiful speech, sworn an oath, good looking man, woman, charismatic, sound intelligent. are enough for us to select, and final vote for this person to be our commander in chief ?

There is no good answer for us to finalize, and make our final decision, that this man who has all above, is a man who we shall vote, and put him in the public office, and wish that every thing he said will be 100% executed during his administration.

What he has done so far for his life, his family, is he a success man, well educated, is he generous, compassionate ? If he has all the trades mark, I have written so far, this guy, or gal, may be a good candidate to be chosen by his peoples, to steer this ship out off trouble water.


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