As a commander in chief, what shall I do to change things that are annoyance, and worst ?

My very first day in my office after I sworn an oath to serve: My cabinet members, and I will sit around an oval office table, and we bring once again our original project, we have brained stormed early before our administration had not even formed. We re-discuss our plan, our theory, our methodology. Each one of my cabinet has a chance to express her/his knowledge, method to the cabinet members, and I will ask all to vote ya or nay, if his/her idea is good, or not?

We then create a speech that is transparent, that is intelligent, realistic, and I will address to the nation with our speech to tell our peoples what I will do to make changes?

My cabinet, and I will take one single project at a time, and transform what was thought to be an annoyance, and worst to better it, according to our blue print, and realistic plan, and execute it 100% with our intelligent mind, and effort to finalize the project. We will continue to work on another project as time goes by. But my close relation ship with my peoples, and my cabinet members, shall always be amicable, and shall never be separated.


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