Can you tell me what is the benefit for me to write article after another for your web site ? I shall know this answer

real soon. So please email me, or call:410-870-0425

Dear word press staffs,

As a former Air Force NC Officer, and trained by US Air Force in Aviation Maintenance & Repair Instructor Course ( Diploma With Honor Roll ) So what, some may ask ! Well! Even though I hate the war, I hate dirty politic. A so called Leader, who use his political power to execute his decision, knowing that he will put ten of thousand, and more life in great danger.

During my service, I was selected to be in Aviation Power Plant, and the US Air force scholar ship, had catapult me to joint U H 1 Red Phoenix Flight Rescue Helicopter Squadron in Pochentong Air Force Base ( Cambodia).I am proud to be part of that war, and most of all, I am proud to serve with my flight crews, that I did have a chance to pull trigger on no one, to save injured soldier, and civilian lives, what war has done to them.  The new generation’s limb is still amputated by it till to day ( Land Mines).

War has always been conducted by a power full few, and there are those who has less power, dared to challenge them, but they had not won. There is no hope in the near future, that our whole world will be in peace, love, compassionate to one another as a brother of man. We hate each other to death, scientist has proved that our genetic make up is inherited from our comment ancestor, shall we love each other, knowing that we are all brother, and sister?

The future of man kind is unknown to us, a few dare to predict, that our future is so bleak, and the end of this world will come soon. No matter who says what about our present, and he future of this our blue planet Earth, I love her so dearly, all life on Earth will be regarded as the most precious gift from god !


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