My observation of GOP presidential debate:

Mr. Donald J Trump final presidential debate September 16/2015:

Eleven presidential US candidates, were facing each other, never before in their life. Their Nerf of steel became soften

trying to adapt to tough questions from C N N interviewer Jake Tapper, to make sure each candidate answer to all question

with logic, quick, accurate, knowledgeable, and tried the best to impress their audiences to cheer each one of them, to get vote.

Telling America about your solid plan, theory, methodology, how you will do it to bring result, when only one of them become

America commander in chief.

To my observation, Mark Rubio, had shown the best intelligent, and seemed to know what is foreign policy is all about. Donald J Trump had refrained him self to the corner, without expressing much in this last debate, and I believe that Donald

had soften up his egomaniac, and stood there impatiently, waiting for Jake, and other C N N crew to ask him, what his thought is ? But all these time, from the beginning  he was all about himself, success full, a billionaire, filthy rich, and all the audiences seem to appreciate what he was bragging about. Mr. Trump has not stopped bragging about his fame and fortune, and can be the only man in America can be the best commander in chief for his peoples. Some may believe that Donald J Trump egomaniac, self tapping on his own back, obnoxious behavior, and often time very rude to woman, refused often to listen to other.

Would he be the first commander in chief of America, and will over, abuse his power to do what ever he wants, when he set foot in the public office ( How would he listen to his cabinet members, or the house of congress )? He think , he the only man alive who know how to bring back the glory, rich, and the most power full nation on earth once again.


One response to “My observation of GOP presidential debate:”

  1. varykao says :

    No matter what Mr. Donald J Trump did all these time with his presidential candidate issue, I still think, he is the one who will do some good for America, and Dr. Ben Carson is another bright star as well:

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