Fan, and my heart toward Cambodia

To all fan who wrote me email very days, ton of it, I am so blessed to have been contacted by score of fan around the world. My technical knowledge of computer, is still in infancy, but here is the only way I can say hi to every one.
The best way to have a very close communication is to sing up on to my face book, and get in to my chat room, we can talk about almost any thing, political correctness, chicken, dog, and cat, rain forest, fish, and wild life, even toad that love to rest all day under bamboo tree. One of the most adorable creature to me in Mother Land Cambodia, has always been (Crow Turtle) Black turtle, they may call it a rice field terrapin. When I was 8 years old I rarely seen therm around, once in the moon I saw one crawling on the rice field, I praise to god please allow this creature to crawl on my mother land still.
Our precious land Cambodia, has been traumatized by force of nature, but heavily from man made alone, causing erosion, drought, and some time an uncontrollable flood, that endangered ten of thousand of peoples to their life, life stock, and wild life as well. My question is would we be happy to see this land once filled with small, and gigantic tree of all kind in our rain forest, with many kind of monkeys, and other wild life, such as the most majestic wild ox, all be gone one day. You may not feel a thing now for a few peoples, but when that happen, and you are still here walking around, and see no tree, no wild animal, but a land with dust storm from your home all the way to horizon, you ‘ll cry very hard inside, afraid to let other know what are you crying about, I know, it will happen to you (So wake up my brother, and sister) Prevent this from happening to Cambodia, this is our home, and it is the sweetest home we all have.
This home land Cambodia used to be huge, and we still loosing a small piece
at a time, we can not possible loose a fraction of an inches more to no one, we must keep this home for the present, and per help future generation of Khmer if we will be here?
yes some body would say, Holly you do nothing, but talking, and talking is cheap, an action worth a million words? But folk our neighbors talk whole day long (Chinese cousin of us, they talk their head off, from morning till dawn) When I was in Cambodia from 1960 to 1975 I observed our Chinese, and Vietnamese, they talk from sun shine till sun down , on the bus, at their house, on the way to work (But I do not know what they talked about) I did not understand the language (But in my mind I know they may talked about Khmer peoples to learn about us, how we live, how we eat, what we like to eat, how we think? Is for their business analysis, yes can you see that?
We must learn their language (Chinese language is the must to learn) They do not have to learn Khmer, but well a lot of them speak Khmer better than Khmer speak their own language, because they speak well, and they can write Khmer well ! We Khmer peoples that do not write our Khmer language, and do not speak much any where, at home at work, in public, we are so shied some of us, why? Because we have nothing to talk about, we lack knowledge, majority of us, so that now the knowledge is @ the tip of our fingers, it is so easy to get it, it come to your head @ a speed of light 186,000 miles / second. I am so sure that Cambodians of the 21 century are more knowledgeable, and intelligent than my generation in the past, and I am so proud our youth to day. Thank, for your coming to my home page !!


All Life On Earth!

In Kenya Africa grass plain, said to be a 7 million years old fossil bone of human remain. Archaeologist call her Lucy, our fore mother, she walked up right carried our brothers and sisters, with all her love. I just felt flatly in love with the woman, all I have to do is: Just take a split second, and look back using my imagination, and see how life would had been for her during that time? There were plenty of wild beast, and one of her children might have been taken a way by a salvage lion ?

No matter how hard it is with life, majority of us will thrive to cling to life, and make the best of it. Mother Lucy had done just that.There are two most important elements in life, without them every thing else would not be easily possessed. Majority of us love our life, and will do every thing right to nurture, to preserve, and cope with all obstacle that come facing us every minute, hour, and day of our life. Physical, and mental health, shall be obtained with all our ability to stay healthy, and fit, not to mention many more.

I was born after long agonizing 9 months in my dear mother womb, three months before a was born, I remember I kicked , screaming, and so waiting to get out of my mother womb, just to see how out side world looked like ? With no blood stain, or mucus on my body, the mid wife exclaimed: Oh! This boy is so clean! We don’t have to bathe hi: I was one of the cutest baby in my village, and I start to grow up into a very handchome boy, every where I go with mommy, score of villagers would grabbed, kissed, and hugged me till I felt so yucky from those attention at time.

I love life so awesomely, and I started to love all life at a very young age, I would not step on and if I see it crawled next to me. I still catch fly with my bear hand, and release it to out side of my door, which is opposite to other who use fly spatter, and smack it dead. I said to myself, and often to friends ( Life Is So Short, and most of the time pain full ) The meaning of life is not awesome nor charming, extraordinary! But forget about the down side of our life, we shall either force our self to take life as a precious commodity, god has ever granted to you, and continue to learn how to appreciate life! Now what else can I tell you about our life form? If we compare to cosmic clock, our universe is only a few minutes old, according to Ein Stein theory of relativity, oh! yes like I know what that really is? E=MC2  E= Force M=Mass C2= 186,000 m/s time by it self, it is a mind boggling huge amount of number! I have been born just a slit second long, and I can’t imagine to add any discomfort, hate, anger, envy, jealousy, in to my heart ( I thrive to stay in peace, love, compassion, to be happy at all time ) I must stay active, and be the productive citizen on Earth at all time as possible, and continue to learn new thing. This has become the law of my life.

I am going to tell you, all the thing about mys self, thing that is nothing related or would benefit you as a person. But well don’t start to blame me from this open statement. I am a former Air Force NC officer ( When I I think, or start to write down this word ( NC Officer) My heart is starting to beat faster, and faster. What I am I talking about, you may ask ? I served as an Air Rescue flight Crew on UH 1 helicopter, and the memories of ( Good, bad, and ugly, have never left my consciousness )with all these year have passed, from 1972 to 1975, South East Asian war. The war killed hundred of thousand, children , women, and man alike, destroying infra structure. Worst of all, they have nothing to do with the damned war, they happened to be there, and the war exploded right on to their face. My crews and I, we had never been shot down, or injured, but our helicopter received four to five bullet’s holes, when we landed at the base. I believe we all have 9 lives! My physical, and psychological trauma, have been hard to bear, but my life has to go on just like the rest of the peoples. One minute, I am proud to have a chance to serve in that ugly war, then next second later, I wish I lost all the memories of that monster war. The three little children, I saw them clutching to each other during the heavy gun fire, and rocket flew from all direction, I asked my flight commander can I go and grab them quickly, he flatly refused to give me permission to save the children, would my life had been in great danger, death, and all the safety of my crews?  I do have to thank my flight commander, for saving my life, but those three children have always been in my mind, and I wonder what have happened to them ?

Mr. Donald J Trump presidential campaign preview:

One of the most admired person in the 21 century, the most success full business man in real estates investment world. Funny, articulate, intelligent, down to Earth, yet the most obnoxious known to women, and foreigner around the world, Mr. Donald J Trump gets it all. During his presidential candidate speech, and debating, Mr. Trump stood 12 feet tall, believing in him self 125%

that he the only man in the world could become a commander in chief for America, and save this nation from humiliation, and bring her back to the glory day like once again.
I watched very closely, and I paid a very close attention to what he said with confident, to the point, every thing he said about him self, and all the good plan that he will lead America to once again rich, and the most power full arm force in the world once again. Whether he will be the best commander in chief, and will be the one, who will do every thing he said so far, the world would not possibly know just yet. Many people in the United Sates Of America, are so thrilled, are happy, excited, are fired up by Donald Trump winning attitude, and realistically he does not act like a politician, but a business leader, who has always been a go grabber, not just  talking alone, and he is so big in every way.
Every states he when to, he got a big crowd, cheering, smiling, and in his heart, he is feeling the future of being America commander in chief become reality every time he opened his mouth, he roars like an alpha male lion on African plane. As a US presidential candidate, he stood so tall, and rule his world with dignity, and exercise the freedom to expression like no other has done in the history of US presidential candidate, since Abraham Lincoln. A lot of person can go up there behind nu-podium, and with a lot practice a head of time, can possibly say a lot of good plan, what he will do in his public office, but after ward, only a few
did mostly what he had promised to do. I believe, and I have a great hope, that Mr. Donald J Trump, will deliver, but to what degree of success is yet to be seen.


Cambodia has been my Moomy_Land, and my Father as well. I was born there, and I walked majoryly bared footed for a long time, dirt of my Home_Land has stained my both feet really well, and that is why Cambodia has mentally taken me hostaged till now. I meant Cambodia has always been in my mind, weither I walk, work, talk, lay down, event in my sleep, I dream of Cambodia all the time. If I tell this to the peoples in where I am now, they would say why don’t I just go and stay there in Cambodia? Well America has become my another sweet home as well, so what can I do? I am in between two worlds, that psychologically yank me apart in thread, by their gravitational pulls. I hope you know what I mean. Well I joined Air Force, and got my US Arm force sholarship to train in US Air Force, and US Army in the field of Aviation Technology for nearly one year “Helicopter Maintenance, And Repair Instructor Course” I when back to Cambodia after my US Arm Force training completed with Diploma. I served in “Red Phoenix Helicopter Sqardron Air Recue Group” Our crew flew to battle Field, and picked up wounded Soldier to hospital: My crews, and I have never been injured, I think I have 9 lives: If I add my dog tag number together it would end up “9” A russian 122mm self propelled rocket landed roughly a meter behind my bike, and I, but the rocket did not blow up! This just one of my experience in that war: I saw to many death, and destruction: I felt so helpless, I saw children suffering, innocent woman, man got cought in the crossed fire. So I wrote a book about that war, peoples, dirty politic!!! My book is a 400 pages long, the title of my book is: ” Is That Why?” it is published by: you can find my book by typing my name: Vary Kao’s book:

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